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Next-gen, short-range obstacle detection radar that delivers on the safety challenges of today—and tomorrow.

  • Tailor protection to your vehicle and maneuvers with fully configurable detection zones
  • Reduce false alerts with proprietary signal processing for higher resolution than any other safety sensor on the market
  • Alert drivers of immediate and potential dangers around the vehicle with an interface that reports up to five objects in segmented zones
  • Handle the most extreme environments with a compact, ruggedized radar
  • Realize seamless performance with a CAN-ready solution

Proof that big changes come in small packages.

Too often, drivers zero in on a single object, missing new objects as they pass into danger zones. Hoplo object detection systems directly address this challenge, showing your drivers the most critical object—and alerting them when what’s most critical changes.

Static object visibility, segmented danger zone alerts for the five most critical objects, faster resolution and detection—all packaged in a radar no larger than your cell phone for maximum installation flexibility. Dramatically reduce accidents and improve driver awareness with Hoplo.

Tackling the high rate of commercial fleet fatalities and accidents—together.

We’re zeroing in on industries that report the highest fleet fatality and accident statistics—and you can have a voice in solving these critical challenges today, using tomorrow’s technology.


There’s no such thing as a fender-bender in the mining industry

When machines collide, the costs are high and the injuries serious.

Hoplo will drive down accident rates—and, with your insight, it has the potential to do so much more.


Despite fewer vehicles on the road, the ATA saw spikes in accidents and injuries in 2020

Our long-haul and last-mile road warriors need real advances in object detection tools that improve situational awareness during long hours behind the wheel.

Your expertise can make a real difference.


Waste is a persistent top-five industry presence on the BLS fatal occupational injuries list

And, that’s not all—NWRA reports that repair costs and down time are among a fleet’s largest expenditures following an accident.

You understand the importance of investing in safety. Be heard.


One out of every five work-related fatalities occur on construction sites each year

Tragically, most are caused by preventable struck-by or back-over accidents.

Let’s get construction workers home safely. Help drive the future of construction fleet technology.


Even the most rigorous safety processes can’t eliminate utility truck blind spots

While utility trucks serve as indispensable job site tools and rolling offices, they also cause 30% of industry accidents when moving in reverse—and 60% of these involve larger trucks with oversized blind zones.

Create the future of utility truck safety.

Public Transportation

Incidents of fatal bus crashes are up 11%, according to NHTSA

The primary cause: Frequent stops paired with distracted drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

Bus drivers need a tool that doesn’t just record what happened, but that helps prevent these tragic accidents—and you can help.

Share your voice.

Dramatically improve fleet and driver safety with Hoplo.

Your real-world insight can make a meaningful difference for the hardworking folks who power our commercial fleet industries. Join our steering committees and drive the future of object detection radar.

Bringing 200 combined years of radar tech experience to the fleet safety challenge.

Our engineers have successfully developed radar technologies for defense and aerospace. Now, they’re leveraging that deep experience to ensure fleet industry workers make it safely home at the end of the day.

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